He doesn't want to talk about it.

Watched a video of a live performance of this song. Things got intense.

Artist: Matt Corby
Single: Brother


Early christmas to me.

So excited to post this. I heard this guy perform on a quiet night at Zanzabar and was mesmerized. Absolutely mesmerized. After that I tried to figure out more about him but realized I didn't know his name (shit). Then someone told me his name and I forgot it again...clearly I have been struggling with this for a while. Anyways I have it figured out for good this time, and and I can't stop listening. If you appreciate acoustic guitar then this is your pot of gold.
Back Home In Bogenbrook by Nathan Salsburg

Artist: Nathan Salsburg
Single: Affirmed


The legend.

Can we just fast forward to his voice...chorus after chorus.
Common - "The Believer" ft. John Legend by ThinkCommon
Artist: Common feat John Legend
Single: The Believer